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Working with Edible Materials

Here are some points to help you when choosing and working with edible materials

  • To make your own Flowerpaste for unwired fl owers use Sugarpaste and hardening agent
    (CMC /TYLO’s) to get the correct consistency. For wired fl owers we recommend using ready-made fl ower paste widely available from Sugarcraft suppliers.
  • When colouring paste, use white vegetable fat on your hands to prevent colour staining
  • Add colour sparingly, you can always add more but not take away!
  • To make edible glue, mix one part TYLO powder to 30 parts water
  • If an extra strong glue is required, mix edible glue with a small amount of Sugarpaste
  • Leave your covered cake overnight to set fi rmly before decorating
  • When adding colour to paste knead it in a tight ball to prevent it drying out and air bubbles forming
  • If you want to have a pearl fi nish on motifs, apply lustre dust to the Sugarpaste before cutting motifs etc.
  • Always keep your paste in an airtight container so it can be re-used
  • Do not put your covered cake in the fridge as once back at room temperature air bubbles are likely to have formed.
  • Select just a small amount of Sugarpaste to make your leaf or petal. Overworking and re-rolling large amounts of Sugarpaste tends to make it dry out and therefore harder to work with

Why not download this handy tip sheet, you’ll be amazed at how many times you refer to it!

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