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To help you get organised when starting out working with Sugarpaste we have put together a list of handy tips to help you prepare for success.

  • When rolling Sugarpaste to cover your cake dust work surface lightly with icing sugar. We suggest that you see the Dab-a-Dust from FMM!
  • Remember to lift and turn the Sugarpaste often when rolling-out to prevent sticking use more icing sugar if required. The last thing you want is Sugarpaste sticking to the board.
  • Pre colour your paste using paste colour and not liquid colours as these will affect the consistency of the paste.
  • Smear white vegetable fat on the board when rolling out to prevent paste from sticking, remember to dust a different part of the board with a fine layer of cornflour for cutting out to allow paste to move freely.
  • To stop your board from moving on surface put slip grip underneath.
  • Avoid wearing dark colours when working with paste as fibres from clothes can transfer to Sugarpaste.
  • To calculate the size of a piece of Sugarpaste required to cover a cake, use a length of ribbon to measure the height of both sides and the diameter of the cake. Place the ribbon on your rolling board and roll the paste to the same size as the ribbon in both width and length.
  • If paste has become too dry simply knead in a little vegetable fat.
  • The finer the motif that needs to be cut, the finer the paste needs to be.

Why not download this handy tip sheet, you’ll be amazed at how many times you refer to it!

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