How to Make Ranunculus Flowers Using FMM Cutters

In this tutorial we will be explaining step-by-step on how to make wonderful Ranunculus Flowers Using FMM Cutters

  • Dip your cocktail stick in to your edible glue and place it approximately halfway in to your Styrofoam ball. Place the cocktail stick in to your Styrofoam dummy.
  • Roll a small amount of flower paste in to a ball in your hand. Place it on your non – stick mat and flatten it with your hand. Stick it on top of your Styrofoam ball with edible glue.
  • Using the base of your FMM Piping Tubes emboss a series of circles in the flower paste on your Styrofoam ball. The largest first all the way down to the smallest size. Place your flower centre back in to your Styrofoam dummy.
  • Dust your board with your FMM Dab-a-Dust. Roll out your orange flower paste to approximately 1mm thick. Cut out 6 petals using RP2 rose petal cutter. Place them on your foam pad and then place the corn veining mat on top and apply pressure with your hand to vein them.
  • Turn you petals over and using the large end of your ball tool, lightly ball the petal working in circular motions in the centre of the petal working towards the outside…but not the edge!
  • Attach the petals around your Styrofoam ball over lapping them as you go. Be sure not to cover your green centre! Remember when attaching the final petal to tuck it under the first one you attached.
  • Place the flower centre you have made in to your Styrofoam dummy and allow to dry a little.
  • Repeat steps 4-6 again but this time cut out and attach 7 petals…allow to dry off a little. Attach the first petal over one of the joins of the layer before. Then the third layer is exactly the same but this time use 8 petals. The petals should all be the same level at the top. Ranunculus flowers are flat at the top. Place the flower in your Styrofoam dummy to dry off a little.
  • The fourth layer is made the same using petal cutter RP2a. Dry them off a little on your plastic spoons (they are great for shaping petals) attach 7 petals as described in steps 6 & 8. Repeat the process for the fifth layer but use 8 petals instead.
  • For layers six and seven you will repeat steps 4-6 using rose petal cutter RP3 adjusting the amount of petals you need to use accordingly.
  • You can place small pieces of kitchen towel between the layers to stop them from falling on to each other.

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